Deactivating poetry shell in direnv

Posted on Jan 13, 2023

It’s already mentioned in the docs about how to use poetry with direnv. But what is not mentioned is how do you deactivate poetry once this is set. Well that’s not a frequent enough usecase but I have a globally installed tool called imgp which uses the global python(which in my case is installed via asdf). So now when I try to execute imgp inside the direnv’d directory I get PIL (a rqd. package for imgp) is missing because we in the virtual env.

Now this is a adhoc thing, I want to optimize a bunch of images and then I can come back. I googled a bit but did not find a solution, What worked.

# now this will unset the variables set by direnv related to poetry
# but imgp still won't be able to access the correct env.
poetry shell
# after the above two commands, something gets reset and now I am finally falling back on the global python
# yay!

now when I want my virual env back, I just go in and out of my project root and direnv takes care of setting up the appropriate environment for me.